Delve into the jungle of algorithms …

Monkey Music Challenge is a programming challenge aimed at Chalmers and GU students who love to code. The challenge consists of constructing your own AI. The AI's main tasks are pathfinding and decision making. But beware: this is not your ordinary pathfinding lab assignment …

The event(s)

The challenge is split into two separate events. Wait what? Yeh, we figured not all of us crank out our best code during hackathons. We believe many of us work better after having a few nights of digesting a problem!

So we'll have two different events. The first event will introduce the challenge and the engine that you will communicate with during the challenge. The second event will be split into two parts, a morning where you get to finish your AI at our office. And an afternoon with presentations AI battles!

We'd like you to apply in teams of two, since programming together is fun. We'll have 20 team spots available. We go by "first come-first serve" for the signup, but those who take the Warmup test will get ahead in line. Read more under "Getting Started" below.

1st event

2nd event

Getting started

So you've signed up – now what? You can and should start preparing by taking the warm up test to test your skills and get a hang of the concept. Those who finish the warmup exercise will also get ahead in line when we're picking out the teams for the contest.

  1. Study the starter code

  2. Take the warmup test

    Instructions on how to get going with the warmup is available after you've signed up.